Welcome to Flatbush Jewish Center

Flatbush Jewish Center is a warm, welcoming & inclusive Conservative Egalitarian community in Kensington, Brooklyn.

Our Mission & Vision

FJC installed new Parochet and Bima cover during Pride Shabbat 2022

“…Now, every time I stand before God on Shabbat and holidays, I know that I am being called forwards into the work of building that multiracial, inclusive democracy and making it real.”

Read Rabbi Lev’s full D’var Torah here.

Upcoming Services & Programs

Shabbat Services

saturday, aug 6, 9:30am

Tisha B’Av

8/6: Pre-fast Meal & Singing, 7pm

Eicha Reading, 9pm

8/7: Multimedia Text Study, 1pm

Mincha, 2pm

Please read our FJC COVID protocol
Complete the FJC Health Screening to attend

Adult Learning Opportunities

Check out the self-paced learning series with Rabbi Lev. He’s taking us through each part of the FJC service and giving us new insight into the text. Catch up here!

Tzedek at FJC

Mobile Food Pantry – 8/18 at 11am

We can’t wait to meet you!