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Our School

CDC and NYC guidelines are continuing to evolve but we are moving forward with our planning for an in-person 2021-22 school year. We have expanded our class offerings and have a wonderful teaching staff ready to uphold our goals from PreK through our teens! Please note that having a brit milah is not a condition for your child’s participation in our Hebrew School programming.

Our school programs will utilize the FJC Patio space as well as our indoor spaces.

Our goals:

  • To develop Jewish literacy, including Hebrew, Torah, holidays, prayer (tefillah), and Jewish culture in a fun and nurturing environment.
  • To help our children develop a strong sense of community with their classmates and in their synagogue
  • To cultivate an understanding of our roles in repairing the world (tikkun olam).
  • To create together, in our corner of Brooklyn, a vibrant Jewish learning experience and community for our children.

Our Hebrew School follows the FJC COVID Protocol. In addition, please note:

We know that the rapidly spreading Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus is top of mind for everyone. It is our intention to remain open for as long as it is safe to do so. Out of an abundance of caution we are moving Morah Aviva’s class out of the classroom and into the HANID room so that her students can distance even further. Chanan’s class has always taken place in the 2nd floor lobby. The windows and/or doors in both locations will remain open in order to increase ventilation and air flow.

Our health screening measures are more important than ever. In order to hold class safely, we must be able to ensure that everyone is feeling well before coming to class. We are aware that the symptoms of the Omicron variant are different and we ask that if there is any sign of illness, your child remain home.

* The DOE Health Screening must be emailed to no later than 12pm on the day of class. This ensures that we’re able to communicate any change in attendance to our teachers.
* We recognize that your child’s health and exposure can change across the day. If your child develops signs of illness during the school day, please keep them home from class.
* If you are informed that your child was identified as a close contact at school on the day of class, keep your child home and take the 1st test they were given. They are welcome to return the following week as long as they do not have any signs of illness and test negative on their day 5 test.
* Students must be masked at all times during class. We ask that you send your child in a well-fitted mask and that you consider an N94 or N95 level of protection.
* We recognize that by the time our students arrive, they require a snack. Where possible, give your child a snack prior to class so that we can limit (and eventually eliminate) the amount of maskless time in the building. Weather permitting, snack will be held outdoors. In the event that we need to move snack indoors, students will be kept at least 6ft apart and snack time will last no longer than 10mins.
* If your child tests positive for COVID-19 after attending class, contact immediately.

Program Registration:

Download and complete these forms to register for the FJC Lower School (PreK-Kindergarten), FJC Upper School (1-3), FJC Tweens (Pre BMitz-BMitz Prep) or FJC Teens (Post BMitz) program:

Contact the FJC office if you have any questions, to turn in your completed application or if you would like to have a registration packet mailed to you.