FJC’s COVID Protocol

As NYC starts re-opening and CDC Guidelines continue to evolve, we continuously adapt our policies to respond to the changing needs of the FJC community.

FJC COVID Protocol

By attending in-person services with us, you are agreeing to the following social distancing guidelines:

  • Blended Indoor and Patio Service
    • Services will occur indoors (with doors and windows open to maximize ventilation) with families seated in socially distanced pods in the Main Sanctuary
    • A speaker will be set up on the FJC Patio for those who are unable to attend services indoors
    • Masks will be required for all participants aged 4 and older (individual plans may be made for mask intolerant children)
    • FJC Health Screening is required for all adult participants prior to attending services
      • Families who are in attendance are attesting that their children are not part of a quarantined classroom or school closure due to COVID exposure
    • Vaccination is NOT a requirement for attendance at FJC services
  • Social distancing protocols will be strictly enforced for those participating in the in-person service
    • Stay home if you are feeling sick and if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive within 10 days
    • Temperature check at the door
    • Wear a mask at all times
    • Remain in assigned family seating pod
    • Observe social distancing rules
  • Cleaning and hand sanitizing protocols will occur throughout the time when people are in the building
  • Cleaning protocols will take place between services to ensure safety prior to the start of the next service
  • FJC will continue to be a kid friendly space. Children are welcome to attend services with their families.  We recognize that not all of our children will be able to remain in the sanctuary for the length of our service and we will have several areas throughout the building for them to be able to safely play. We will also strategically seat families with young children in areas in the sanctuary that will allow them space to be themselves
  • We also recognize that we have young children in our community who may be mask intolerant. We do not want that to be a barrier to their adults not being able to participate in services. Please reach out to us so that we can plan for your family’s participation.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to hold in-person services due to a change in COVID spread. Shabbat and/or Holiday services will revert to our blended virtual and outdoor service plan