Shavuot Services

There’s a lot going on at FJC for Shavuot!

All services will follow the indoor/outdoor format

FJC will continue it’s tradition of holding a Tikkun on erev Shavuot. FJC will also be participating in Shavuot Across Brooklyn: A Night of in-person and virtual learning. This year’s programming will come from FJC, CBE, PSJC and AltShul.

Shavuot Schedule

Erev Shavuot, May 16

10 Commandments Origami! @10a on the patio

Even if you’re not staying up all night, start the holiday off with some good ‘ol Torah!

Join us at 7pm: FJC Tikkun with Rabbi Lev on the Patio Kids are welcome!

Beginning at 10pm: Shavuot Across Brooklyn

Service Schedule: May 17-18

Services will begin at 9:30am on Monday and Tuesday

Yizkor will start around 12:30pm (Tuesday, 5/18 only)

In order to participate in FJC’s services, you must both Register in advance and complete our FJC Health Screening prior to attending services.