FJC Anti-Racism Event Series

How can we do more to fight against racial injustice?

We as Jews are committed to tikun olam, and at FJC we believe strongly that an inclusive community where all are safe and welcome is a critical part of who we are. Social change takes great intention, and for that reason we are beginning a group conversation on how to advance equality and justice – as individuals, as parents, as a community – to create a more just world.

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No one wants to be a bystander to racial injustice, but what does choosing to be an upstander instead mean? Join us to explore what being an upstander looks & sounds like (role playing with some common scenarios included!), and how can we be upstanders in our spheres of influence, in our community, and in our everyday lives.

What does anti-racism work at FJC look like? How can we, as individuals and members of a community that value embracing diversity and inclusion, help make our community a safer space for Jews of Color?