Monday 04/06/20

So I thought I’d give you an update before Passover begins. I think that if we look at the meaning of Passover, of liberation, of freedom and of the end of bondage or slavery, I think we wouldn’t be able to find a better model then NYC RIGHT NOW for HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!

The numbers in New York are absolutely improved.

The number of hospital admissions down!

The number of patients being admitted to the ICU down!

The number of people needing to go on a ventilator is down!

The number of deaths is down and holding!


As I said on our call last week, I’m not getting calls about patients with new symptoms, and if I am it’s just people that have developed a change in their symptoms that they’ve been experiencing for the last week to 10 days.

When you look at the projections for the number of cases, the number of deaths, the number of ICU beds needed, and the number of ventilators that would be required, the numbers don’t even come close to the many projections that were made!!

So what does all this mean? It means things are improving, the measures that were put in place are working, and there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

With the Passover holiday starting in less than 48 hours, there is a reason to be excited. . Our modern-day liberation is becoming more and more of a reality every day. Prayers are being answered, people are getting well and as importantly, fewer new people are getting sick!

So let’s stay the course! It’s hard to conceive of a socially distanced Seder, but we can and will do it. Together we will defeat Covid. Together we all make a difference.

In closing, from my family to yours, I want to wish you all kosher and zeisen Pesach, full of beauty, love and health!
At the end of of each Seder we always shout “leshana Habah Beyirushalayim” (more or less lol). Next Year In Jerusalem. This year that should be changed to:

“Next Year May We All Be Together As One Community For Seder At The Flatbush Jewish Center!”


Warren J. Wexelman, MD
Past President