Friday 03/20/20

Here is an important update !!

Once again the strength of this page is the ability to get you updates that may not become commercially available for several hours or days.

I’ve just been informed by the new York State Department of Health that we will no longer be testing anyone for COVID-19 unless they are a hospitalized patient. Which means if you have fever and symptoms and your doctors told you you should be tested or you’ve been in contact with somebody that may have tested positive, you can no longer be tested.

I realize for many of you this can be confusing. Why wouldn’t we want to know if you have the disease or not? But there is a rationale. The equipment that is used to do testing-namely the nasal and throat swabs and the media-is in very short supply. Personal protective gear such as gowns, gloves and masks are also in very, very short supply. Considering the ability to test and the supplies needed are so limited, and the fact that we’re not treating non-hospitalized patients for the virus anyway, the department of health has found no reason to do the test.

So obviously things are changing minute by minute day by day and that’s why it’s so important that you keep up with our posts because we’re going to try to keep you on the cutting edge of this information as fast and as often as we can.

Once again I can’t stress enough to limit your activities with groups of people to zero. Stay 6 feet away from everyone you can. Try to relax and know that everything is being done to keep you well and contain the virus. The way you can help is by doing nothing they can pass this virus on to another human being.

So let me close by wishing you a good Sabbath and I hope all of you and your family stay healthy and calm and enjoy each other’s company during this weekend. I will bring you more updates and more information over the next 24 hours.

Warren J. Wexelman, M.D.

Warren J. Wexelman, MD
NYU School Of Medicine
Past President, Flatbush Jewish Center